It’s finally done!

Well everyone weve finally done it!, weve finished our game!, DAN (by the way we called it DAN, that was the working title and it stuck) has been completed and you can find the link below!

Again my apologies for not posting for the past three weeks not, hopefully you can see why.

As for the story, your name is Dan and you’re a spaceman!, Dan has been knocked unconscious and was left stranded on a dilapidated space-station which is about to blow up! so you as the sole person left with your physics gun and power cube need to find your way of the station before time runs out!.

Just so you all know  i will also be uploading a video presentation i did on fallout’s design and theme later

Anyway hope you all enjoyed and like the game please comment on it below as it really helps me!
you can also find links to my teammates websites that helped me build it.  – Lead Programmer, level designer – Lead sound designer, level designer 
Myself – Lead artist – programmer


Unity update

Hi all, new post here!, so whats been happening is that I’ve taken a break from the UDK single player project as i need to finish my unity fps by the end of the week,  what i have now is moving enemies, two weapons and movement for the player, now all that’s left is to make a boss and a third weapon, currently you can use a sniper rifle and an smg.

Also next week i will try and upload some footage of the UDK project in it’s near complete stages.

that’s all there is now, didn’t really have much to post but by the end of the week im going to upload my unity project and you can all play it.
Hoped you all enjoyed!


Hey everyone just here to show you some concept work that i had a friend do for the project, you can also find her deviant art page here, there’s some really cool stuff on there.

Concept art done by Memo
Concept by memo of the ceiling air vents
UDK concept work done by me

As you can see there have been a lot of changes from the initial concept work, mainly it’s not as blue as i wanted it, this was due to several different technical constraints with materials and shaders that i ran into, however i’m still confident that the game will be fun, next week i’m going to try and post a recording of some of the work that I’ve done with it so that you can get even more of a feel for the game.

and if you’re wondering that i wasn’t going to talk about the First person shooter that I’ve been making in unity then fear not because it’s almost done.

Hope you all enjoyed this small post and ill post again soon!

A heads up

Hi all i’m back from holiday’s, and just so you all know i’m making a game!, that’s right an actual game not a unity project.

i’m not going to cover details in this post other than what i’ve just told you but im working in a group of three and the genre we chose is sci-fi, the project that were making has to be a single player game made in either unity or udk  and has to incorporate a story as well as some interesting mechanics, were aiming to give the player a very interesting variety of emotions in our small game and hope you’ll enjoy.

as all ways keep reading as ill be back to my usual blogging speed from now on.



Just the latest and greatest

A big hi all my reader’s, Apologies for there being no updates for the past week and a bit, I’ve been busy with exam’s and getting work done, This is in fact going to be my last post for the next few week’s as my holiday starts soon and i probably wont be doing any work during that time (unless i work on my pet project then i may talk about that in the blog).

As for update’s I’ve decided to remove rain from the level as the material i was using was very processor intensive that and coupled with the particle emitter’s i was using to simulate the rain it would have made the entire thing unplayable and people wouldn’t like that very much.

now with more rubble

As you can see from this image I’ve added a backdrop into the level, another thing I’ve added which isn’t visible from here is a jet which fly’s around and fire’s rockets at you while you’re trying to kill the enemy team, as for updates that’s pretty much it, i’ll compile a list at the bottom of what need’s finishing but the map in my opinion is looking good and very near completion.

Things i still have to do –

– Add sound effects (wind,people talking,background nosies)

– finish the lighting (some parts of the map are still very dark and need to be finished)

– make the place look a whole lot more messy

– Lastly optimization of models ( a whole lot of these models will only be viewed from one direction so they don’t need to have back’s, it’s just wasted proccesor power for the computer really)

That’s all from me, i hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, see you next time.

I have rain

The title say’s it all really after about two weeks of trying I’ve finally gotten rain into my map, It’s not actually my texture i’m using it from a hourence’ s tutorial (he’s really awesome), but what it is, is a bunch of planes put in a grid pattern and then having an animated material applied to it which makes it move in a very erratic way.

I think the overall effective look’s really cool and that it adds a whole lot more to the map, over the next few weeks i’m going to be adding noises to my map, just the default background noise’s that you all way’s hear in this sort of an environment,

– Rain

– Water Dripping

– Splashing

– Electrical Hums

– Heavy wind

I’ve also got a jet in the map which flies around and fires at player’s so i’m going to be adding some jet sounds to it (thing’s like an afterburner noise and some mechanical noise’s) overall i think this is really going to add so much more to the map in terms of game play as the player isn’t just going to be thinking about the other players but also avoiding deadly missiles from the jet.

I’m also currently working on with other people (you can go to one of there websites via my references page) a board game which is hopefully near completion, but i’ll explain about it more in other post’s but the idea is that it’s like dungeon’s and dragon’s but simplified were you move around a hex grid board and collect bits and piece’s of armor and then return to the center of the map to fight a dragon to complete the game, overall in testing everyone’s has seemed to enjoy it and we should soon be starting on developing art asset’s for it.

Anyone that’s enough from me so i’ll see you all next week with my next post. Toodle’s