This week in map stuff

Hi everyone!, over the past week i have spent most of my time doing minor changes to the map, most of these being changing the length of lanes and other such things to allow for the implementation of assets into the level, as well as this i have begun creation of textures and unwrapping models for texturing, with my textures they’re mostly just basic colors and shapes with some added noise to make them more visually interesting, then when i am happy with the base texture i create a normal map using an Nvidia plugin that can generate a normal map and then i edit this partially to get the desired effect.

Below is an example of the textures i have so far created along with their normal maps and specular maps, the normals maps are used to give the effect of 3D and the specular maps are used for the engine to figure out how to properly light the texture, Their is also an option within Unreals material editor to let me create a specular just using the blueprinting system, for this project i have tried a combination of both to try and get some cool looking lighting out of the textures.

TextureSheetAfter i have create the textures,normals and sometimes speculars i then take it into UE4 and begin creation of the material, depending on what i want this can be either a very straightforward process of a bit of a tricky one, For instance the below gif is a material that i have created entirely within UE4, none of this has been animated within another program.


In order to create this effect i had to create several different nodes, within the emissive area which gives it a glow effect when rendered in game i also have a cloud texture that i quickly made in Photoshop using the cloud filter which i am overlaying on top of the colors and then panning to the left.

Within the pulse section of the material i have set it up to occasionally make the material glow slightly brighter than what it is default set to by the emissive, Above this is the specular map input which also contains two variable which are plugged into roughness and metallic which further help to make it feel like a real object in the scene.

Above that their is also the default material that is overlayed on top of everything else and then also the normal map which is used to give it the pretend effect of 3D lighting.

MatExampleSo other than all that stuff which i have greatly enjoyed doing i have also been slowly optimizing and unwrapping my 3d models that are already in the scene to be ready for when i texture them.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and tata!.


People Construct

Hi everybody, today i’m presenting to you a prototype that I’ve been working on for the past week during the rapid prototyping phase of my course.

So the brief for the rapid prototype meant that i had to make a game that was entirely keyboard operated and could only use 4 color’s, it sounded challenge at the start but it was actually very easy to be honest.

The first problem that i had though was designing an economy for my prototype game (pictured below) basically i modeled my prototype of the movie The Matrix but redesigned it to work as it’s own title, i’ll explain a little as to how the diagram works now.
– People produce power.

– power runs to the factory and nursery.

– the factory produces nursery robots which along with the factory produce more people.

– and every now and then the resistance steal humans.

So from that i went in to Photoshop and designed with an idea of what i wanted the game to look like and seeing as how you’re going to be playing as a robot it sort of made sense to not have any visuals (why would a robot need visuals?),anyway this is the design that i came up with.

As you can see from the design I’ve tried to design the game to look like an old DOS computer as i wanted it to have that retro feel.

And finally here is what i’m up to with the actual game, I’ve actually finished the prototype and still have a week left before the next brief so i’m going to get a week to spend polishing my game and optimizing the script, anyway here’s the current version of my game, hope you enjoy!

Web Friendly Version!

People Construct Beta Download

As usual please leave a comment, they really help me improve on my designs.

Moving along

Today i’m going to update you on my progress about how the map is going, for one thing I’ve been working on more models and if you look below you’ll see some of them with captions so they actually make sense, I’ve also been trying to figure out how to add rain to my map, it’s more difficult than it sound’s but i think i’m nearly there with it, and last but not least i’ll show you some of the textures I’m using and show you some normal maps.


The the air vent to the left you can see it is fully textured but some of it has stretched i’m going to go back and fix this if i have time but most people probably wont even notice, and for the wall panel to the right i have not started texturing but will be doing them shortly it’s going to be scattered around the map to make things feel busy.

For those of you who don’t know what a normal map is it’s pretty much a way of making a low poly model look amazing, what it does is add a sort of 3d effect on the 2d texture by raising certain colors within the files RGB (red,green and blue Example below) basically it goes and applies the RGB to the x,y and z coordinates of the map to give it that 3d effect, pretty cool yeah.


This example is of a texture not a 3d model but it gives it the feeling of 3d doesn’t it? what this does is make it use up less processing space than  actually covering the floor of the map with real models as that would be very intensive to the player’s computer and slow them down far to much to enjoy themselves.