I have rain

The title say’s it all really after about two weeks of trying I’ve finally gotten rain into my map, It’s not actually my texture i’m using it from a hourence’ s tutorial (he’s really awesome), but what it is, is a bunch of planes put in a grid pattern and then having an animated material applied to it which makes it move in a very erratic way.

I think the overall effective look’s really cool and that it adds a whole lot more to the map, over the next few weeks i’m going to be adding noises to my map, just the default background noise’s that you all way’s hear in this sort of an environment,

– Rain

– Water Dripping

– Splashing

– Electrical Hums

– Heavy wind

I’ve also got a jet in the map which flies around and fires at player’s so i’m going to be adding some jet sounds to it (thing’s like an afterburner noise and some mechanical noise’s) overall i think this is really going to add so much more to the map in terms of game play as the player isn’t just going to be thinking about the other players but also avoiding deadly missiles from the jet.

I’m also currently working on with other people (you can go to one of there websites via my references page) a board game which is hopefully near completion, but i’ll explain about it more in other post’s but the idea is that it’s like dungeon’s and dragon’s but simplified were you move around a hex grid board and collect bits and piece’s of armor and then return to the center of the map to fight a dragon to complete the game, overall in testing everyone’s has seemed to enjoy it and we should soon be starting on developing art asset’s for it.

Anyone that’s enough from me so i’ll see you all next week with my next post. Toodle’s