About me

Finn Teague-Moore PhotoI am an aspiring Game Designer currently studying Interactive Entertainment at the SAE Qantm College. I have always enjoyed playing and analyzing the aesthetics and mechanics of digital entertainment, which is why I hope to learn the core skills needed to work in the continually evolving field of digital entertainment.

My true passion in this field is both the design of the core game mechanics as well as the visual aesthetics of the game as these are what i feel i truly love  about the creation of Games and would love to contribute to these areas of the development life cycle.

As a way to track my self-set key performance indicators during my Bachelor’s degree and to just have some fun I have been continually designing and programming my own original digital content which can be viewed on this website as well as downloadable samples of said content, I hope that by continually updating this website you can see the improvements I’ve made in my own work during my time as a student.

I would be extremely grateful and appreciative for any feedback that you can offer on my creations or work experience opportunities so that I may improve in the industry that I love.

Please feel free to read my portfolio or you can contact me via any of these networks that i use.

LinkedIn : au.linkedin.com/pub/finn-teague-moore/52/180/147/

Email : mrfinn3@gmail.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Malarpuppet


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