First Exhibit!

So last night was our first exhibit of the game, i think overall it went really well we got a lot of positive feedback and i think the one that will stick with me the most is that people didn’t really think of it as a student project and really enjoyed it, we had a lot of people coming back to the testing stations to play it for the entire night.

From the feedback that we got it looks like we will still need to work on balancing the large and medium enemies a bit more, however the small enemy seems to be spot on, as well as this we need to change the fire rate of the crossbow as people want to be able to shoot more before it overheats.

In terms of visuals everyone really liked it, a lot of people commented that it reminded them of borderlands i think that;s mostly due to the simplistic textures and sobel edge shader i made to give it the cell shading effect.

Anyway not a massive update but i hope you enjoyed reading!.


What do you think?

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