Final post of the tri

So the projects done to pretty highly polished alpha state and i’m looking forward to next trimester most of all, I’ve certainly had a lot of fun with the project and learned a lot of new thing’s the highlights being learning about shaders and having our first exhibit of the project the low points being we had some issues with development and currently cannot build out the project into a stand alone version.

Currently we can only run the game from within editor however we are hoping that with the latest version of UE4 being released will have fixed the bug that is currently preventing us from building the game out.

I guess now I’m just looking forward to next trimester which will be my final trimester were we convert the game into a moba variant of itself and completely re design a lot of the aspects that are in the game this including the map I’ve been working on for the past thirteen weeks.

As well as doing all of this we have created a Facebook page which you can follow if you want to get frequent updates on the progress of the game, were hoping to create dev diary videos.

if you feel like it follow us here

Thank you.


First Exhibit!

So last night was our first exhibit of the game, i think overall it went really well we got a lot of positive feedback and i think the one that will stick with me the most is that people didn’t really think of it as a student project and really enjoyed it, we had a lot of people coming back to the testing stations to play it for the entire night.

From the feedback that we got it looks like we will still need to work on balancing the large and medium enemies a bit more, however the small enemy seems to be spot on, as well as this we need to change the fire rate of the crossbow as people want to be able to shoot more before it overheats.

In terms of visuals everyone really liked it, a lot of people commented that it reminded them of borderlands i think that;s mostly due to the simplistic textures and sobel edge shader i made to give it the cell shading effect.

Anyway not a massive update but i hope you enjoyed reading!.