Hey everybody hope you’re feeling great! for the most part of the last two weeks I’ve been polishing the map off to be ready for this week’s show as well as next week’s final presentation as i am coming to the end of this trimester, I am relatively happy with what i have achieved over these past 11 weeks so far and am generally looking forward to next trimester when i can start working on the multiplayer level for our game.HighresScreenshot00006

I’ve made some what i feel to be significant changes to the background environment of the level which will also tie into the multiplayer level somewhat as you will no longer be on one of the city pillars but in the slums exploring more of the lower level city, I’m looking forward to this coming trimester mostly for that reason as well as the idea of turning the game into a first person MOBA with tower defense elements.

To give you an idea of what i want the multiplayer level to look like think of “Remember Me” and “Ghost in the Shell” these will probably two of my main influences during the second part of development after I’ve created some concepts of level layouts, The level will most likely be a perfectly symmetrical level to insure that both players/teams will not have any advantages between each other unless they are player skill related.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading, see you next time.



So small update, I’ve been working on finishing the map off by creating some extra background environment stuff, as well as this I’ve been learning how to create particle effects within UE4 such as smoke effects and various hit effects that will play when the towers or enemies attack for the most part it’s been fairly easy learning how to use the tool as it’s relatively similar to the particle effects tool in UDK, but yeah other than that i haven’t been up to much with the project.

I created some buildings which can be seen in the distance and made other pillars which can also be seen from far off to make it look as if its holding up the structure.

Hey everyone so this week i got some stuff done, changed some other stuff due to feedback and mucked around alot with shaders again.

The great thing is the shaders been fixed, i got some help from a lecturer and he helped me solve what was wrong with it as well as improving it to.

On top of this i also changed the shape of the HUD so that it didn’t take up as much screen real estate, some of the feedback wed received through testing was complaining about how the HUD was to in your face, which looking back on it now it did and had to be rearranged, Example below.


Essentially we just tried to spread everything out on the top of the screen then have it drop down closer to the center of the players view point, The original HUD was to decrease player eye movement around the screen however this caused it to be to in your face, so we sacrificed that and changed it to this, although the player has to look around more it shouldn’t be a problem.

So on top of viewing that image you can also see that the Sobel edge shader is fixed now, Once i had a lecturer in to help me on the shader it only took a few hours to figure out what needed to be fixed and as well as this he helped me improve the how the shader blends out to un-cell shaded areas using a fade off value that he showed me how to create, All in all i’m very happy with the outcome of it and i look to trying to learn more about them, I also plan on using this shader in the future for my own project which i will be trying to make the time to work on it during this trimester and the coming one.

And finally i edited the player area by swapping out the bsp brush that the character walks on with a static mesh to so that i could create some more interesting geometry, however this isnt finished yet to ill leave it to a later post before i show it off.