Shaders are go!

Hi everyone so for this week i took a break from my usual asset development to try my hand at the creation of some custom shader’s for use with our game, a shader is what is used to render the game world and essentially for this i will be creating a material system that piggy backs onto the UE4 camera shader and renders the effects I’ve created , To begin this process i talked with one of the Lecturers at my college and he gave me some good examples on were to start.

For this shader i attempted to recreate a VHS style Static screen, i was actually astounded when i was reading on the UE4 documentation site to discover a tutorial that very closely does what i am attempting to create, example below of current shader.
ShaderExampleThis was created using UE4’s node based material system and i am so far very happy with the results, their are still some problems with it that need addressing though which i have not figured out yet, For one the shader does not render particle effects and the current suggested workaround for this completely breaks the shader, Example below.

Broken ShaderAs you can see the shader is now rendering out completely incorrect to what i want (pretty cool looking though, kinda like the camera effect from outlast), however it now renders particle effects, I am not entirely sure how this works however from what i understand it is due to how the scene’s layers are rendered.

The idea behind this shader is that it will be present whenever the player takes damage, and it will increase in fluctuation when the player is close to death. For fun i want to try and add a sobel edge effect ontop of this shader to try and give the world a more cartoony feel to it and less serious, I am very happy with what i have got so far and would like to try and use this shader effect for use in other projects later.

Hope you have enjoyed reading.


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