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Hi everyone, apologies that i am a week late in posting this blog so expect another blog post this week around Friday!.

For the past week i have been mocking up really basic high level concept HUD’S for our project as well as creating some minor details for grey box to give the level a sense of scale, On top of all of this i created a technical document for use with the project, it is incomplete however this document will likely continue changing depending on what happens with the project so this is not a problem realistically.

So with the HUD high level concepts I’ve been doing i just created a Photoshop file with a canvas size of 1920×1080 created some text elements called “Wave counter, Money counter and Selectable turrets” and with these i can easily place them around the scene and get a rough idea of what the HUD would feel like in game, obviously their is only so much i can do with this before taking it into UE4 but because of UE4’s UI widget tool this isn’t a problem, as i can easily create multiple types of HUD’s and try them in game.

As for the level, for the most part all I’ve had to do is re-size the level which only took a few minutes, then set about creating spaces for the player to be able to navigate between each lane, The way I’ve gone about this is creating narrower lanes which the player can use to quickly get between each lane however these also offer a certain level of risk as the player if they’re not careful could easily fall off and die which could lose them precious building/defense time.


The idea behind the scene is pretty similar to one of my earlier concepts which was the two larger towers among the city, a map which can be downloaded Here, however this is more similar to Deus Ex human revolutions Hengsha map which i really love.

Aside from all the stuff on this project i have been slowly creating some basic mock ups for the final project of my course, I wont show these now as i want more time with them before i show anything on it.

Hope you enjoyed the read!.


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