Gratuitous mappernating

Hi everyone!

So our group has chosen to create a First person tower defense shooter, similar to Sanctum 2, For this i have chosen to do level greyboxing as well as HUD design, for the HUD i will be using UE4’s new UI tool, it’s really simple and allows you to very quickly block out the beginnings of what you want your HUD to look like.

Our game is set in the future were a Medieval engineer has traveled into the not to distant future and must defend himself from hordes of robots, He must do this by using his wit as an engineer to modify the available technology surrounding him.

For visual reference i have been using thing’s like Akira, Ghost in the Shell,Kowloon city, Deus ex human revolutions China map, Remember Me as well as Judge Dredds mega city one, My vision of the level in its complete stage is to create something akin to a heavily built up and eroded city that is still lived in, some great reading material for this is also Neuromancer and Snow crash, A great piece of reference that can be pulled from as well is Kowloon city almost a real world counter part to what i have stated above.

So with all this stated for the moment all i have been doing is the block outs for our level so Haigen our programmer can have something to work with, I have created four different versions of the map and currently the fourth one that i have come to appears to be the one we will stick with.

MapCurrently their are three lanes, enemy waves will spawn from these and converge at the same point, Eventually i plan on filling the negative space with smaller pathways that the player will be able to use to navigate easily from each lane to the next, Visually this will look like a built up industrial section of the city which people still live in.

Other than this i have been working slowly on a small side project, All it is at the moment is a relaxing exploration game were you sail a ship around to different islands, their are currently a lot of games focusing around this genre though so i think that i will change it up somewhat.



This new triemester

Hi everyone so I’ve become incredibly inconsistent with posting and we all know that!, I’ve finally stopped lying to myself about it to!

I’ve just started this new trimester and have been told that yet again i have to do a blog on it, following the end of today’s class i have decided to just get it over with and start it now.

Today was mostly just a meet and catch up, talk about what well be doing and such however! we did have a small have a small project today were we had to try and monetize an existing game that we’ve played, Recently (last night) i started playing Dying light which is essentially dead island at its core but with parkour elements introduced and a partially revamped leveling system.

I did not want to harm the games core mechanics by trying to add pay walls within the game but instead attempted to add a monetization system into it by adding a secondary currency.

This secondary currency “ZomBucks” can either be earned or purchased within the game, To earn you must simply play the game (killing zombies/finishing missions), this will earn the money at a smaller rate than the actual in game currency, For instance you earn money at a rate of 100% and ZomBucks at a rate of 25% for instance if you kill a zombie it will drop $35 and roughly 8 – 9 ZomBucks, however during nighttime this rate will increase to 75% (as the game is harder during nighttime) and you will earn 26 – 27 ZomBuck (This needs balancing i am using fudged numbers at the moment) .

ZomBucks are essentially the same as normal money within Dying Light however items that you can buy in stores are cheaper with Zombucks instead of normal money, I have done this to try and make the game feel as unaffected as possible by the integration of real world money.

This being said earning ZomBucks takes far more time than earning normal money, this is to try and make it not noticeable to players and also make them want to purchase it with their real world money instead, i have still not found a solution to stopping players from just “grinding” for said money, perhaps the longer you play a session of Dying Light the percentage of ZomBucks decreases?.

Now apart from this excersize we also have to come up with a prototype being it a design document or something playable for this trimesters project as we will all be working in one group on the same project, Currently my idea for this trimester is to create a first person or third person arena brawler, this is mostly inspired from my old work (Nox Brain, have a look if you haven’t its one of my earlier works) and also my enjoyment of games like Zeno clash and Binding of Isaac.

I want to attempt to merge to two styles of game play being brawler and rogue like and combine them within an arena style level with possibly some randomly generated style enemies as well as weapons in an arena that changes form depending on the wave.

Now apart from that i haven’t put to much thought into it but expect posts in the future as apparently i have to do one a week now! and hopefully you’ll see my idea evolve, I’m trying not to get to stuck into it as theirs a possibility that it will not even get chosen which I’m cool with.

Bye for now thank you for reading!