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(Visualization of concept, no play ability in current example)

So last week i started my fourth trimester at college, my first class of the new trimester involved us each having to design a mechanic based around an emotion, i came up with Addo, Addo is designed to invoke a sense of motherhood over the player through the use of minimal input and watching how your “people” change and react to you leaving “Markers”  around the world.

These markers may or may not lead your “people” towards objects that they will respond well to and will change the way they react towards you this will be shown through the use of audio, Currently in the background you can hear a Cello playing, depending on what happens the Cello will change, which will ultimately decide how the game will end.

Aesthetically the game is designed to be as minimalist as possible with visuals, audio and input, Addo is based of games such as From Dust, Goddus and Black and White.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I apologies for not posting anything in a long time, I hope people start reading these again and that you come back in the future as i am going to try and do these more regularly.