The Final Prototype!

Hi everyone! So as I said the last time is that I am working in conjunction with another student at SAE Qantm by the name of Reign! on our final prototype for our rapid prototyping class, we decided on this so as to make sure that we can produce as high a quality product within four weeks as possible with myself as the programmer and Reign as the artist.

Now prepare yourself as currently none of the art assets being created have been implemented as were only at the start of the second week however, this is currently what I’ve got in terms of the programming side, you can also click on the image to open up the web player demo of what this actually does so far.

Prototype 3 map


So currently in the project the player is able to re-roll their characters statistics and then set them, currently this just re-rolls set random values which means you could potentially get a character with “OP” stats, I’m considering redoing this so that it takes stats points from a “pool” so that you never get an “OP” character however that is dependent on whether or not i have enough time for it.

You are also able to navigate around the level by moving your mouse, the camera is clamped so that you cannot fly off forever and potentially “lose” the level. What isn’t but is currently in the works of being implemented is the actual combat, what happens currently is the player clicks to move to a tile next to there current tile to move to it, Once they have moved to said tile it then does a random check to see if there is an enemy on this tile, if there is an enemy the combat phase starts.

What happens in the combat phase is that the characters team is the displayed on the right hand side of the screen (Or left, haven’t decided yet) and the enemy is then spawned on the opposite side, Then the player engages in a Pokemon/final fantasy style battle system were each side takes a turn selecting what to do.

I’d say this is my first real attempt into designing a “smart” AI as i usually don’t put that much thought into how i want to program them to do, But i’m feeling hopeful about it!.

Anyhow I’ve used up enough of everyone’s time here and i’ll write some more about this project either this week or the next, Enjoy!


dat blog entry

Hey guys! blog update!

I’ve finished the second brief which I’ve gotta say was a bit of a pain, i didn’t really like the brief outline and it didn’t really work with what in wanted to do so the project didn’t up being that great, it still worked for the most part but could have been better i think, and am now onto the third and final rapid prototype, the brief says it has to be a game with either grid based combat and movement or have final fantasy style combat.

So I’ve decided to work in a group for this final project, myself as the programmer and the other as the artist, were hoping to create a really high quality final prototype that is something that we can eventually turn into either a good piece of portfolio work or an actual game for release, either way im looking forward to this final assessment.

I’m not going to post any images for this post as currently theirs no real artwork to show of as were in the first week of the project, however so far it is going pretty well, we’ve got grid based movement working as well as the beginning of our combat system so all should be good.

Anyway that’s all for now, ill post some stuff with some actually screenshots next week hopefully, Enjoy!