Project 2!


So here’s the next update, I’m now working on my second project for my scripting class, For this project i’ve decided to create a two player game were one player play’s as a Hunter and the other plays as the Seeker.

The seeker’s goal is to find all the orbs in the level and then escape with there life while the Hunter has to find the Seeker before they can collect all the orb’s, currently the game is two player split-screen like some of the older games that you’ll see on Nintendo 64, GameCube, PS1 and PS2, you control the characters with the use of an Xbox 360 controller as I’ve been wanting to try using one in one of my projects for a long time now and I’ve finally been able to purchase one.

Aesthetically speaking i’m trying to create a semi horror feeling within the game to try and make the Seeker feel as tense as possible while trying to find the orbs, The Hunter has the ability to scare the Seeker with use of a scream mechanic which startles the Seeker and causes his screen to shake, while the Seeker has the use of a torch which they can point at the Hunter to stun them for a short amount of time.

Everything currently within the game except for the character models has been created by myself as i cant be bothered to fully model, texture, rig and animate two separate characters as it would take to much time in the 4 week time span i have to create this prototype, Anyway hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this and ill see you later.

Lastly here’s a recording of what I’ve currently got




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