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Hey everyone so here’s a quick update on what I’ve been doing for the past two week’s seeing how i forgot to make a blog entry last week, being busy trying to get all my assignments done and everything so enjoy!

So this is the game I’ve been working on for the past two days because the other game i had planned to make ended up being a fair bit over scoped of what i initially wanted to build, So instead i made Star Lord a throw back to old style schmups,  it’s a bit hastily constructed but i feel that i managed to get it to a reasonably high level of polish and functionality, the controls are rather simple A and D to move, F to fire missiles and Space bar to shoot laser’s.

So the original game that i had planned for my first assessment was going to be a game in the style of Binding of Isaac which has randomly placed rooms enemies and item pickups, however i ended up finding that i’d over scoped it and ended with Star Lord, however i feel that i can continue work on the unfinished game for use with the second assessment hand in seeing how the brief asks for a 3D game which is what i have already designed it to be, so high hopes there for completing that and i hope i can post it next week in my update blog with possibly a web player of it for everyone interested to try out.

Anyway this is all I’ve really got to update you all on, i’ll probably make another blog post later today detailing what i’m doing with my design class with some screen shots of my map and some of the things im going to put into it, Bye for now!



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