So im in Australia and i was lazy

Well everyone that’s probably not been reading this because i haven’t posted in several month’s, I’m back!  I’m in Australia now and i am currently studying at SAE Qantm in Melbourne to do a bachelors in interactive entertainment, I figured that because the course i was doing in the UAE had alot of parts directly taken from the Qantm curriculum that i would be able to come back here and finish my studies and so that’s what I’ve done and it’s going pretty well, i’m ahead on alot of the programming assignments and doing alright in the theory classes’s, having a bit of trouble in the Math class but i think i can manage it.

anyway i’ll talk abit about what im currently working on in terms of assignments, for my programming class were making card games in unity and you can try it below, currently in it you can draw cards from an array and it allows for hot seat multiplayer so you can play it with a friend, the game is pretty basic at the moment but you’re able to select a card and use that card to attack a friends opposing card the only real problem im having at the moment is the picking up of cards it’s a little buggy but works for now and i will fix it later, anyway hope you enjoy playing it!
Card Quest

As for my Maths class i had to come up with a project that incorporates some of the skills that I’ve learned in the class, so for my project I’ve decided to create an endless runner which goes up in difficulty the longer you play it, not alot to say on this one as ive only just started working on it but hope you all enjoy playing it! (you will need to refresh the page to start this game again)

Endless Runner

Hope everyone reading has enjoyed this post and i will try and update a little bit more from now on Bye!