Hi all!, so were on to our next prototypes and this time i’m working as a two man team with Nick Phipps who’s blog you can find here!,

Anyway, we’ve started production of our prototype game Wisp!, a game were you the player interprets whats happening, with this we hope that each player get’s there own experience that is special to them and they can share these with other’s.

it can also be played as many times over as you want  for different outcomes seeing as every game only lasts 3 minutes.

So myself and Nick decided to group together on this project as it was more tailored towards visuals, sound and emotion than game mechanics which meant that we had to make it look good and get the programming done really fast seeing as how each prototype has to be done within two week’s, as for the brief of the prototype we have to make a game that uses three different camera angles, four separate emotions and indirect control of the player (so you couldn’t control the players movement’s but you could control the player’s cameras).

as allways hoped you enjoyed this quick post and except more soon seeing as how its got to be done next week! bye!.


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