Hi everyone I’ve finished the first prototype and you can find a link to it below!
People Construct

This was a really fun prototype and I’ve learned a lot from it to, anyway not much to post here other than i’m starting my next prototype brief today and i’ll probably post about it later this week seeing as how instead of having to produce a prototype in three weeks i only have two so it will be made a lot fast. enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. The game is fun to play and I really liked the sound effects.
    It was at first a bit confusing due to the lack of any in-game diagram or image that shows the process in more details , but I can imagine that there was probably not enough time to program that, but in the End the game was fun to play and I’m excited to see what your next project will be like ^_^.

    1. Thank you for the input :D, i’m glad you liked it and apologies for the lack of in-game help, ill see what i can do in my next prototype to make it easier to understand.

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