People Construct

Hi everybody, today i’m presenting to you a prototype that I’ve been working on for the past week during the rapid prototyping phase of my course.

So the brief for the rapid prototype meant that i had to make a game that was entirely keyboard operated and could only use 4 color’s, it sounded challenge at the start but it was actually very easy to be honest.

The first problem that i had though was designing an economy for my prototype game (pictured below) basically i modeled my prototype of the movie The Matrix but redesigned it to work as it’s own title, i’ll explain a little as to how the diagram works now.
– People produce power.

– power runs to the factory and nursery.

– the factory produces nursery robots which along with the factory produce more people.

– and every now and then the resistance steal humans.

So from that i went in to Photoshop and designed with an idea of what i wanted the game to look like and seeing as how you’re going to be playing as a robot it sort of made sense to not have any visuals (why would a robot need visuals?),anyway this is the design that i came up with.

As you can see from the design I’ve tried to design the game to look like an old DOS computer as i wanted it to have that retro feel.

And finally here is what i’m up to with the actual game, I’ve actually finished the prototype and still have a week left before the next brief so i’m going to get a week to spend polishing my game and optimizing the script, anyway here’s the current version of my game, hope you enjoy!

Web Friendly Version!

People Construct Beta Download

As usual please leave a comment, they really help me improve on my designs.



Hi everyone, apologies for not posting in a very long time, i’ve been working on a prototype for my course that ill post later, anyhow we’ve just had a media day and everything seems to be back on track so hopefully there will be no more long gaps were im not posting anything, anyway you can find the link below and you can see a side shot of my in the article, looking fabulous as allways in my red shirt, Enjoy!.


Hi this is my presentation on fallout and how it went on to influence others enjoy!.

Thank you for reading! in a few weeks i’m going to be uploading the video presentation that i did with these slides, and below you can look at the bibliography which will lead you to some interesting places!, i also suggest you watch the movies I’ve put in the slide as well as read the book’s they’re very interesting. GDC post mortem on Fallout presented by Brian Fargo Concept art for Fallout an Add from 1996 the presenter speaks in german but the interview is in english Vision statement for Fallout Fallout wiki page