It’s complete!

Hey everyone who’s reading this!, i’ve finished my unity fps project and you can download it by clicking the image below.

Albeit it’s not great but i managed to fill in the criteria needed for the project and even did some extra bit’s as well  just so you know you have three guns in the game, and there are only two level’s both very short, and  the last has a really easy boss (like super easy), for your arsenal you have a sub machine gun, sniper rifle and a shotgun which can be accessed from numbers 1 to 3 (i’m at least proud about the sniper rifle that one took awhile to make) and all weapons in the game except the shotgun have a secondary fire.
once you beat the boss there is no end, but you can exit the game by pressing esc to open the options menu and quit the game.
Hope you enjoyed playing this game and voice your opinion in the comment’s section below, i will upload a video on the puzzle game soon as well, bye for now!

Also just so everyone know’s check my reference page to go and try out some of my friends project’s they’re really fun.

Heres a Mac version to, cant guarantee it works though as i don’t have a mac.


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