It’s finally done!

Well everyone weve finally done it!, weve finished our game!, DAN (by the way we called it DAN, that was the working title and it stuck) has been completed and you can find the link below!

Again my apologies for not posting for the past three weeks not, hopefully you can see why.

As for the story, your name is Dan and you’re a spaceman!, Dan has been knocked unconscious and was left stranded on a dilapidated space-station which is about to blow up! so you as the sole person left with your physics gun and power cube need to find your way of the station before time runs out!.

Just so you all know  i will also be uploading a video presentation i did on fallout’s design and theme later

Anyway hope you all enjoyed and like the game please comment on it below as it really helps me!
you can also find links to my teammates websites that helped me build it.  – Lead Programmer, level designer – Lead sound designer, level designer 
Myself – Lead artist – programmer


Just so you know

Hey everybody i’m here again, sorry for not posting anything last week and i’m here to let you know that i wont be posting anything for the next two week’s as my due dates are coming up and ill be far to busy to be thinking about my blog, i still have to design two levels and do a presentation on fallout (which i will upload after).

So yeah just making sure that you all know i’m not going to stop posting but i wont be doing anything for the next two week’s, i hope you all understand and ill blog you all again soon. byebye!

It’s complete!

Hey everyone who’s reading this!, i’ve finished my unity fps project and you can download it by clicking the image below.

Albeit it’s not great but i managed to fill in the criteria needed for the project and even did some extra bit’s as well  just so you know you have three guns in the game, and there are only two level’s both very short, and  the last has a really easy boss (like super easy), for your arsenal you have a sub machine gun, sniper rifle and a shotgun which can be accessed from numbers 1 to 3 (i’m at least proud about the sniper rifle that one took awhile to make) and all weapons in the game except the shotgun have a secondary fire.
once you beat the boss there is no end, but you can exit the game by pressing esc to open the options menu and quit the game.
Hope you enjoyed playing this game and voice your opinion in the comment’s section below, i will upload a video on the puzzle game soon as well, bye for now!

Also just so everyone know’s check my reference page to go and try out some of my friends project’s they’re really fun.

Heres a Mac version to, cant guarantee it works though as i don’t have a mac.

Unity update

Hi all, new post here!, so whats been happening is that I’ve taken a break from the UDK single player project as i need to finish my unity fps by the end of the week,  what i have now is moving enemies, two weapons and movement for the player, now all that’s left is to make a boss and a third weapon, currently you can use a sniper rifle and an smg.

Also next week i will try and upload some footage of the UDK project in it’s near complete stages.

that’s all there is now, didn’t really have much to post but by the end of the week im going to upload my unity project and you can all play it.
Hoped you all enjoyed!