Hey everyone just here to show you some concept work that i had a friend do for the project, you can also find her deviant art page here, there’s some really cool stuff on there.

Concept art done by Memo
Concept by memo of the ceiling air vents
UDK concept work done by me

As you can see there have been a lot of changes from the initial concept work, mainly it’s not as blue as i wanted it, this was due to several different technical constraints with materials and shaders that i ran into, however i’m still confident that the game will be fun, next week i’m going to try and post a recording of some of the work that I’ve done with it so that you can get even more of a feel for the game.

and if you’re wondering that i wasn’t going to talk about the First person shooter that I’ve been making in unity then fear not because it’s almost done.

Hope you all enjoyed this small post and ill post again soon!


Wooooo Games!

Hey all just throwing this up and apologies for posting so late into the week, it may not look like much but its my unity project in which i have to make a first person shooter, graphically its not going to look that great because i just need to show that i can do the programming for it, but seeing as how i’m going to upload this so you can all try it ill try and make it look presentable for you.

By making it presentable ill mostly just use free assets (a.k.a that gun the player has is a free asset, cool one to) on the unity asset store to make it look nice, and if you’re wondering what I’ve had to program so far to get this ill list them below.

  • Movement (so you can move around)
  • Ray casting from the gun (so that objects can know when they’ve been shot and react accordingly)
  • Mouse control (so the player has complete 360 degree rotation for control)
  • Am i hit? (objects need to know when they are hit by the ray cast so that they can then either take damage of spawn a hit decal)

And so far that’s all i have  i do also plan on implementing jumping into the game as well as grenades, two fire modes and mobile enemies with some basic  “AI”  which can drop upgrades, it may not sound like much but behind the scene’s there’s alot going on.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and see you next time!


Short Shorts

Hi all! just a short update to show you all whats happening with the modular piece hallway.


as you can see the interior is fully textured however it’s a bit repetitive and i’m planning on reworking it a bit to give it more depth.

That’s all for now bye!

Modular pieces

Hi everyone first post of the week! sorry it was so long before i posted anything so let’s get right on with it.

That right there is a modular hallway piece, most of the levels will be built out of these and will help quicken the design process and let you pretty much chuck together maps sort of like building a map for oblivion or skyrim, the aesthetic style i chose to make my textures with and modular pieces were heavily influenced by movies and games such as alien and deadspace, you may as well know that you will be playing inside a space ship (kinda further justifies why they’re modular pieces).

Anyway hope you’re all still interested and next week ill hopefully have a basic level in place and possibly a video to show you all as well.


A heads up

Hi all i’m back from holiday’s, and just so you all know i’m making a game!, that’s right an actual game not a unity project.

i’m not going to cover details in this post other than what i’ve just told you but im working in a group of three and the genre we chose is sci-fi, the project that were making has to be a single player game made in either unity or udk  and has to incorporate a story as well as some interesting mechanics, were aiming to give the player a very interesting variety of emotions in our small game and hope you’ll enjoy.

as all ways keep reading as ill be back to my usual blogging speed from now on.