Marvel Avengers Alliance how to play it the right way

This is just some useful information that I’ve been working on to make the game easier to play through.

I suggest you try this game and apply my tips to it to see if they help or not.
Maximum needed shield points and silver to get all 30 heroes
(not including the mockingbird) to get all of them to level 12

225 shield points for a units max level
711500 silver needed for unit max level
30 heroes
6750 shield points and 22065600 Silver
Maximum f2p gold

Max agent level 300 = 300 gold from leveling
Getting 4 stars on missions = 60 gold all together
360 maximum free gold
Level 6 for all ships on Flight Deck

To get all 8 jet slots you need to be level 55

To level a jet to level 6 you need to be level 100

111000 silver for maximum jet upgrade

You need 6 friends to crew a jet (same 6 friends can be used for all 8 jets)


-Lower level heroes will be scaled to the same strength as your higher level heroes
when in PVE.
-Never spend gold on crew.
-only use your highest level chracters for pvp.
-Never send your low level chracaters on high level missions unless youve
fully level all ships.
-Only use gold to purchase pvp bonus items of better gear
-Save up command points to buy the level 90’s first.
-You do not need to use REAL money to beat this game (this just makes it faster).
-If you can try and beat the mini-boss and the main boss in the same battle
(this saves energy points which can be used to xp grind more)
-Try and only have 300 shield points at a time
(you wont need this any more than this).
-Whenever a hero is ready to level do so as quickly as possible
(this is good for you hero pvp bonuses).
-Refrain from buying different costumes for your heroes unless you want to change
there battle type (Even then i do not reccomend this).
-This game is not a pay to win game, it is a pay to save time game.

-Have your friends send you Shawarma it gets 90 silver per sale.


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