Just the latest and greatest

A big hi all my reader’s, Apologies for there being no updates for the past week and a bit, I’ve been busy with exam’s and getting work done, This is in fact going to be my last post for the next few week’s as my holiday starts soon and i probably wont be doing any work during that time (unless i work on my pet project then i may talk about that in the blog).

As for update’s I’ve decided to remove rain from the level as the material i was using was very processor intensive that and coupled with the particle emitter’s i was using to simulate the rain it would have made the entire thing unplayable and people wouldn’t like that very much.

now with more rubble

As you can see from this image I’ve added a backdrop into the level, another thing I’ve added which isn’t visible from here is a jet which fly’s around and fire’s rockets at you while you’re trying to kill the enemy team, as for updates that’s pretty much it, i’ll compile a list at the bottom of what need’s finishing but the map in my opinion is looking good and very near completion.

Things i still have to do –

– Add sound effects (wind,people talking,background nosies)

– finish the lighting (some parts of the map are still very dark and need to be finished)

– make the place look a whole lot more messy

– Lastly optimization of models ( a whole lot of these models will only be viewed from one direction so they don’t need to have back’s, it’s just wasted proccesor power for the computer really)

That’s all from me, i hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, see you next time.