Completed model

Ok so I’ve completed my first model, i think it turned out okay, the first image is the completed model and the second image is the texture i used to cover the model with, if you’re wondering why the texture looks so damn funny it’s because when you complete the model Maya allows you to unwrap it  into a bunch of separate flat pieces on a grid you can then export this mesh to an image and open it up in Photoshop.

The two blue pieces of metal at the bottom of the image are the top and bottom of the cylinder and the hazard line is the skirt at the bottom, if you’re wondering how i made this model i’ll tell you, what i did was get a bunch of free texture files from (it’s a great website) then i chucked them into the Photoshop file which contained the wire mesh for my model and i placed the bits and pieces i needed where i wanted them, some of them are overlaying rust images with transparency on, The blue metal was originally a more silver color but i messed around with it’s hue/saturation and curve to give it a more blue look,  i’m not the best at photoshop but i think it came out very well.

Hope you all enjoyed this, Finn


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