I have rain

The title say’s it all really after about two weeks of trying I’ve finally gotten rain into my map, It’s not actually my texture i’m using it from a hourence’ s tutorial (he’s really awesome), but what it is, is a bunch of planes put in a grid pattern and then having an animated material applied to it which makes it move in a very erratic way.

I think the overall effective look’s really cool and that it adds a whole lot more to the map, over the next few weeks i’m going to be adding noises to my map, just the default background noise’s that you all way’s hear in this sort of an environment,

– Rain

– Water Dripping

– Splashing

– Electrical Hums

– Heavy wind

I’ve also got a jet in the map which flies around and fires at player’s so i’m going to be adding some jet sounds to it (thing’s like an afterburner noise and some mechanical noise’s) overall i think this is really going to add so much more to the map in terms of game play as the player isn’t just going to be thinking about the other players but also avoiding deadly missiles from the jet.

I’m also currently working on with other people (you can go to one of there websites via my references page) a board game which is hopefully near completion, but i’ll explain about it more in other post’s but the idea is that it’s like dungeon’s and dragon’s but simplified were you move around a hex grid board and collect bits and piece’s of armor and then return to the center of the map to fight a dragon to complete the game, overall in testing everyone’s has seemed to enjoy it and we should soon be starting on developing art asset’s for it.

Anyone that’s enough from me so i’ll see you all next week with my next post. Toodle’s


Moving along

Today i’m going to update you on my progress about how the map is going, for one thing I’ve been working on more models and if you look below you’ll see some of them with captions so they actually make sense, I’ve also been trying to figure out how to add rain to my map, it’s more difficult than it sound’s but i think i’m nearly there with it, and last but not least i’ll show you some of the textures I’m using and show you some normal maps.


The the air vent to the left you can see it is fully textured but some of it has stretched i’m going to go back and fix this if i have time but most people probably wont even notice, and for the wall panel to the right i have not started texturing but will be doing them shortly it’s going to be scattered around the map to make things feel busy.

For those of you who don’t know what a normal map is it’s pretty much a way of making a low poly model look amazing, what it does is add a sort of 3d effect on the 2d texture by raising certain colors within the files RGB (red,green and blue Example below) basically it goes and applies the RGB to the x,y and z coordinates of the map to give it that 3d effect, pretty cool yeah.


This example is of a texture not a 3d model but it gives it the feeling of 3d doesn’t it? what this does is make it use up less processing space than  actually covering the floor of the map with real models as that would be very intensive to the player’s computer and slow them down far to much to enjoy themselves.

Completed model

Ok so I’ve completed my first model, i think it turned out okay, the first image is the completed model and the second image is the texture i used to cover the model with, if you’re wondering why the texture looks so damn funny it’s because when you complete the model Maya allows you to unwrap it  into a bunch of separate flat pieces on a grid you can then export this mesh to an image and open it up in Photoshop.

The two blue pieces of metal at the bottom of the image are the top and bottom of the cylinder and the hazard line is the skirt at the bottom, if you’re wondering how i made this model i’ll tell you, what i did was get a bunch of free texture files from http://cgtextures.com/ (it’s a great website) then i chucked them into the Photoshop file which contained the wire mesh for my model and i placed the bits and pieces i needed where i wanted them, some of them are overlaying rust images with transparency on, The blue metal was originally a more silver color but i messed around with it’s hue/saturation and curve to give it a more blue look,  i’m not the best at photoshop but i think it came out very well.

Hope you all enjoyed this, Finn

Bit of a late one

Okay so i haven’t updated in awhile, apologies for that, as i haven’t really had a lot to talk about all i’m really doing now is getting the finishing touches on my grey box and, started modeling, it’s nothing fancy so far but i’ll show you a few images of what I’ve been working on below.

If you noticed the file name you’ll find that it’s called a “power_cylinder” (amazing i know) i didn’t really know what i should call it, i knew that is looked like it emitted power and it was a cylinder so hence the name “power_cylinder”  at the moment you’ll see it’s only have textured as in theirs only a bit of hazard tape that circles the bottom of the model, but not to fret i will be adding more shortly.

As you can see from the image above i have captioned most of what is going on in this image, if you’re wondering why their is rocket launcher ammo smack dab in the middle of the map i’ll tell you, it’s because the rocket launcher can be very over powered if used correctly and i wanted to limit this by putting it in a very sparse area of the map, the map itself also makes the rocket launcher hard to use as it has very small interiors and firing a missile could be just as beneficial as it could be deadly as you may find out very fast that firing a missile at someone behind a pillar could blow you up instead of the enemy.

If you’re wondering why this map looks so different from what the the illustrator sketches that i uploaded look like it’s because this is the second iteration of the map in this version i removed the bottom tier level and squished everything together as i found out very quickly from my friends that the map was to large and people didn’t enjoy spawning and then having to run all the way to the other side of the map to then maybe get a few kills and then die and have to run all the way back again, No in this version you spawn and are pretty much instantly in the battlefield, this makes for a much more fun map as player versus player combat is sped up.

That’s all I’ve really got to say for the moment and if you’re getting bored with all my stuff about map’s then not to worry later on i will be talking about a boardgame that we are designing in the course.