Today i’m posting just because i should, i haven’t actually done alot with maya at the moment or really anything in UDK but what i have been working on is art asset design, I’ve been doing some sketches in Photoshop using a cintiq which i have at the course and at the moment i’m working on a viable means of cover for the teams (for when the player is not moving about and as of such does not want to get shot at.)

In the next few days you will be seeing some updates on my blog with pictures of cover and the like, the pretty stuff (fancy door ways and what not) will come later, Basically i’ve broken down what i need and what i want.

What i want

  • Fancy windows
  • Wires (for effect)
  • bronze pipes
  • Pretty stuff in general for the type of map i’m going for.

What i need

  • Cover
  • Door ways
  • pathway skirts (like fences but easy to move through and doesn’t break up smoothness of combat to much)

That’s all for now, hope you keep reading.



What do you think?

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