So this is my first post

So this is my first post.

I’ve been working on a map for a few day’s now using the Unreal development kit (UDK) and I’ve gotten to the point were I’ve finished the grey box and for those of you don’t know its the point in map design were its only the map but only using development materials or textures depending on what program you’re using in this case I’m using a development material which is just the color’s blue and white in a brick pattern.Image

 Here you can see some designs for it which i made using illustrator, The map hasn’t changed significantly since this design except that i removed the the jump pads from it.

So anyway now that I’ve explained the map ill talk about what i’m up to now which is the design of the art assets for my map, now usually in a design environment i wouldn’t be the person doing this, someone would build the grey box then someone would figure out what should go in their and then someone would build the assets and place them in the map, but seeing as how i’m the only one here i guess im building it myself.

So in the course i was told that i had to come up with a theme and setting for the map, So I’ve chosen to go with  the setting of FUTURISTIC CITY and my theme is RELIGIOUS INDUSTRIAL MILITANT CITY.

That’s everything for now enjoy~


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